Let’s make something amazing together!

Marketing Strategy
What’s your strategy? Are you planning to soft launch the German market or do you want a BIG BANG? I will help you determine what to say, how to say it and who to say it to and make your brand the next superstar in Germany. We’ll start with an in-depth market analysis, refine your USP, get your channel plan right and deliver a seamless customer experience.
“Think local, act local” will be our mantra. Establishing a localisation strategy is always key to a successful market entry and translation is just a small portion of the complete strategy. With the German market being highly competitive I will bring you up to speed with cultural trends, payment methodologies and preferred shipping methodologies as well as country-specific personal data regulations to avoid pitfalls.
Content is still king and when launching or operating a site in a foreign language this becomes even more crucial. We’ll define your German tone of voice, develop your content strategy and generate bespoke copy. If done the right way, translations are always creative language adaptations. I’ll help you speak your customer’s language.
You want to reach the right person with the right message at the right time. Make all that data your most valuable asset and woo your different customer segments with truly relevant content. I’ll help you with creative customer journeys, smart automated campaigns and transactional messages that are all but boring. Show that little extra love to your customers.
Social Media
Building a localised social media presence with a strong and engaged loyal community can be an extremely powerful channel for your brand. Together we’ll choose the right networks, generate engaging content and connect with relevant influencers.
It’s all about strategic partnerships. We’ll leverage your existing partnerships and explore new ones that will allow your brand to engage with more relevant audiences in the German market.
Creative Brainstorming
It all begins with an idea.